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Fort Myers Web Design, Fort Myers, Florida
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Fort Myers Winning Web DesignIf you're in Fort Myers looking to get a winning web design site here's how you can make the best choice. When it comes to choosing a web design company in Fort Myers we're here to fulfill your website design needs. A question for you ... do you agree that the only real measure of a good web site is how much business it generates for you? If so, than you're in the right place for web design.

Fort Myers and the surrounding area offer many different web design companies. A Fort Myers Web Design site will enable you to increase your sales and add profits to your bottom line. Here's what you need to have the winning formula for your web design.

1. Clean Content ... Good Flowing Design ... Easy To Read ... Comfortable on The eyes ...

Good web design is not about flashy moving things that look "really cool" ... rather a winning web design provides good relevant information about your business, company or organization. Present your concepts in easy to understand bite size paragraphs that are easy to read and understand.

Vary the size and colors to highlight key ideas and concepts, but don't get carried away. Keep your information professional and talk on the subject that interests your visitors. When your text flows with ... we do this ... and we offer that ... you're not addressing your visitors interest.

Change the "we do" ... "we offer" ... to ... "you deserve" ... "you can have" ... Click here for more information on good website content

2. Winning Web Design Has Clean "Source Code" that search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN Like.

Winning website design is about presenting good relevant content that gets you indexed in the major search engines. The source code is paramount in that endeavor because that's what the search engines see. Good source code is were Search Engines look for information to offer up in search quires. The more information you provide on your website the better. The percentage of relevant information "keyword density" to the irrelevant flashy formatting, the better your position in these major search engines will be.

Search engine traffic is free if you have a winning website design ... those companies paying for traffic with "pay-per-click" are on a competitive tight rope that can quickly kill a successful business.

To understand what clean source code looks like, right mouse click here on this page and then click the link that says "view source" ... on this Fort Myers Web Design site you'll see that almost everything within the source code is legible text related to Fort Myers web design. Try this on other web design company website's and you can determine their ability in this regard. If you see lots of stuff you don't understand that is what we call "cluttered source" ... clean code leads to free traffic from search engines.

3. Winning Website Design Get More Traffic from Search Engines.

A winning website design with good relevant content and clean source code can get tons of free traffic from search engines. The reason is simple, when the site is optimized for search engine placement you'll get the traffic. The strength of the Internet is you can reach the whole world for very little money. But finding your website can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the magnet for your visitors. Your site content can be presented to search engines by relevant identifiers. For example and <h1> tag is viewed as key information, <h2> tag a little less relevant and the <p> tag for supportive relevant information. This formatting of your website content enables you to target key words and phrases. These are then identified by search engines to get you picked up by relevant searches to your content. How well can we do this? That's probably how you found this site. Click here for more information on good website design techniques.

4. Winning Website Designs Have A Purpose - And A Call To Action

In winning website design you must know what ultimately want your visitors to do? There are many different calls-to-action a winning website design can have. On each page there should be something specific a visitor should do. This can be a simple click to the next link for further information, request proprietary information or in some cases the ultimate is to buy something from an e-commerce transaction.

A winning website design if you're not selling something online is a call-to-action requesting a visitors fill out a form so you can collect contact information. A winning web site design "call to action" is a low-risk, high value offer. Offering a free consultation, a free evaluation, a free trial period, a free report, a free white paper, a free download etc. Something powerful that a visitor, with genuine interest, will be motivated to provide contact information to receive.

The call-to-action offer leaves you with a warm qualified prospect. A little less valuable than an e-commerce transaction but for most businesses this is the success formula.

5. Winning Website Designs have well written information to move visitors to respond.

Following the steps outlined above will help you to be successful on the web. In web design the words you use in on your website will determine your value. Call us and discuss your project, we're here to help you get a winning website that will grow your business and add profits to your bottom line.


Fort Myers Web Design, Fort Myers, Florida
6225 Presidential Court 120C
Fort Myers, FL 33919